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Psychology plays an important role in an athlete’s success on and off the field. In addition to teaching, Assistant Professor Christine Habeeb is exploring what we don’t know about this exciting field, leading sports psychology research at East Carolina University. In her Career Conversations video, Christine shares what it’s like to study abroad and how research is an exciting way to turn your interests into a profession.


Chuck Schroeder, Vice President and General Manager of Tar Heel Sports Properties turned his lifelong passion for sports into an exciting career in sports marketing and business. From courtside signs to radio commercials and Twitter ads, Chuck and his team use the 4Cs to engage the business community in supporting UNC Athletics. His advice for students? Whatever you choose to do, give it 110 percent, because you’re never done learning.


What does it take to work in sports broadcasting? For many, it is a calling. In his Career Conversations video, Alec Campbell describes his journey to becoming a sports radio producer and host on 99.9 The Fan and WRALSportsFan and shares insight for students who want to enter the fun and challenging field of sports media.


For sports radio hosts Joe Ovies and Lauren Brownlow, no day is ever the same. In recent years, their roles at 99.9 The Fan and WRALSportsFan have expanded to include video, podcasting, TikTok and more in an effort to engage younger audiences. In their Career Conversations video, Joe and Lauren share what they’ve learned along the way. Hint: The 4C’s are critical to success in sports media!


What does it mean to be a human performance specialist? For Mike Young, the Director of Performance and Research at Athletic Lab, it means combining passions for sports and science to help athletes achieve their dreams. From coaching and educating athletes, to testing new exciting technology, and traveling the world to share his experiences with others, Mike gives students an inside look at the career opportunities available in the world of sports performance.


What does it take to design beautiful homes in a rapidly changing housing market? David Bennett, President and Owner of Triangle Residential Designs, shares what he has learned designing homes in the Triangle for more than 40 years. In addition to technical skills, critical thinking, mechanical reasoning, and the ability to draft without computers are the keys to success in the field of architecture and design

Many roads lead to engineering. For Michael Gibson, community college and an unexpected career change brought him to Morris & Associates, where he currently serves as General Manager. In this extended Career Conversations video, Michael brings you inside of the global mechanical engineering company based in Garner, North Carolina, and shares two real-world examples of how engineers use math daily and combat human error that could significantly impact the design and efficiency of their equipment.


Brian Galicia shares his career journey to Microsoft. An introvert at heart, Brian explored coding and computer science before discovering his talent and passion for sales. What is a growth mindset? Why should high school students log in to LinkedIn? Learn more about critical communication skills in our Career Conversation with Brian.


Who hasn’t heard of the Holderness Family? For Digital Marketer Sam Allen, no day at Holderness Family Productions is the same…and she loves it! In her Career Conversations interview, Sam describes the winding road that brought her to marketing (including a semester of anthropology!) and her best advice for honing skills outside the classroom.


Before she became a veterinarian and college professor at NC State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Laura Nelson dreamed of being a zookeeper! Becoming a vet takes more than just a passion for animals. In her Career Conversations interview, Dr. Nelson shares her advice for navigating vet school applications and honing soft skills that are critical in a vet clinic.


What does broadcast journalism look like in quarantine? In her Career Conversations interview, WRAL morning news anchor Mikaya Thurmond brings you into the life of a reporter and shares the joy she finds in telling great stories. What time do morning anchors start the day? How can you find your voice? Confidence and authenticity are your keys to success.


When Sarah came to the United States from Trinidad, she had her sights set on becoming a doctor but when she got exposure to the world of psychology, there was no going back! Sarah advises students to look for opportunities to get experience in your field of interest as soon as possible. She explains her experience in the world of therapy, and how she’s been able to jump into different mentorship roles in her industry.


"Don't be afraid to explore the unknown." Quality engineering begins with the unknown. In this Career Conversations video, Toni Arnold-McFarland, Master Process Professional for John Deere, demonstrates how math tools are used to make critical decisions across all industries and shares how quality engineers are using the 4Cs to change the future of farming.


After earning certificates and first engineering experience in his home country Nepal, Moha studied in the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Japan to earn higher degrees. He worked in remote, rural areas in Nepal to provide drinking water and better sanitation for the people. There’s so much more to this interesting story; learn more about pursuit of higher engineering opportunities in this Career Conversations interview!


Dylan thought computer science was his “thing,” but after a helpful conversation with a neighbor and working as a lifeguard, he discovered his passion for healthcare. In this Career Conversations interview, Dylan explains his experience as a nursing student, Volunteer Firefighter and EMT, and the things that drew him to this hands-on field full of diverse opportunities.


There’s just something about your best friend and making an impact that matters in a place you love. Mary Moss adopted this combination and mantra, as she partnered up with her childhood best friend to start Moss & Ross, a consulting firm to support nonprofits and fund development, right in their backyard. Located in Durham, NC, Moss & Ross strategically consults local nonprofits and organizes fundraising efforts for the most effective results to make a difference in the community.


Jaclyn knew she wanted to work in healthcare, and when she discovered that nurses have versatile roles and can work with a variety of specialists, all while caring for people during hard times, she knew this was the role for her. In this Career Conversations interview, Jacyln discusses the different settings nurses can work in as well as her various experiences as a nurse, including starting her own business!


Starting off as a school counselor led Phil Echols to see the value in making sure teachers were positioned as effectively as possible to aid in student growth. In this Career Conversations interview, Phil describes himself as a teacher for teachers. As Senior Administrator of Professional Learning for the Wake County Public School System, he supports 11,000 teachers across North Carolina’s largest school district, providing resources and skills coaching to better impact students in the classroom.

Your pursuit of happiness should not start at 5 o’clock. As Community Engagement Manager for GoTriangle, Juan Carlos Erickson plays a critical role in improving the quality of life for underserved communities. In his Career Conversations interview, Juan answers questions that he wished he had asked as a student and shares his roadmap for turning passions into a profession.


At CLH Design, civil engineers and landscape architects have been using the 4Cs to make a positive impact on our community. In this extended Career Conversations video, this CLH Design team demonstrates how math is used to measure and mitigate the environmental impact of school construction in a rapidly growing county. Watch to design a stormwater wetland for South Lakes Elementary School alongside this team of talented professionals.


What sets civil engineers apart? At Highfill Infrastructure Engineering, exceptional communication skills and a passion for service are key to providing critical resources to our community. In this extended Career Conversations video, engineers Julie Villadiego and Laura Styles share their unique journeys to the United States, civil engineering, and wastewater management. 


From sales and marketing to estimating and design, it takes a talented team with a diverse skill set to fabricate steel. In this extended Career Conversations video, Joe Mayer and Eloy Rodriguez describe the variety of career opportunities offered by SteelFab of Virginia Inc., and demonstrate how math is used by structural engineers to design the steel frames that make up our city skylines.