Resume Building, Career and College Readiness and Job Search

Job Search


So you’ve decided you want to find the perfect part-time job, summer job or internship? You’ve come to the right place. Click the "Find Job" icon to get great tips and resources on how to take those first steps of searching and applying for jobs or internships. Check Job Search page, the board in front of Student Services and with Ms. Ward periodically for posted opportunities.

Resume Tips

  • Keep it to one page- only include things that are relevant to the job you are applying for

  • Make the formatting simple- basic and easy to read fonts are always best

  • Don’t forget to include any volunteer, part-time, or freelance work you have done

  • Save it as a PDF- this makes sure the formatting won’t get messed up when the hiring manager opens it

  • Leave out pronouns such as “I” or “me”

  • GPA not up to snuff - Simply leave it out, and concentrate on your workplace accomplishments

  • Click here to download Ms. Ward's "Resume Writing Workshop

  • Click the "Resume" icon to the left to see more resume writing tips.

Career Readiness


Career readiness involves three major skill areas: core academic skills and the ability to apply those skills to concrete situations in order to function in the workplace and in routine daily activities; employability skills (such as critical thinking and responsibility) that are essential in any career area; and technical, job-specific skills related to a specific career pathway. Click the "Career" icon to learn more about being Career Ready
Academic Skills + Employability Skills + Technical Skills = CAREER READY

College Readiness


College readiness refers to the set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors a high school student should have upon graduation and entering their freshmen year of college. It’s all about the ability to find success while studying at an institute of higher learning. ACT defines college readiness as the acquisition of the knowledge and skills a student needs to enroll and succeed in credit-bearing, first year courses at a post secondary institution (such as a two- year, four-year, trade school, or technical school) without the need for remediation.  Click the "College Just Ahead" icon to learn more about being college ready!